Saturday, November 28, 2015

The final days

So it's been real first pregnancy!  40 weeks and 3 days today! Could be any day now, but if she doesn't come...I am scheduled for an induction on December 3!

So what a whirlwind everything has been this year. Feels like I just got married...and literally right after pregnant! I remember November seemed so far away...but now the baby might even be coming in December! These last few months of pregnancy were crazy with us finding out our landlord was selling our house. Somehow we end up in the crazy real estate market game here. We were literally a week away from closing escrow on our first home...when the house floods! We took that as a big, big sign that it just wasn't we didn't go through with it! And I'm so happy with our decision. Everything happens for a reason! 

So we had to switch from a buying mindset back to renting! Didn't have much time to find a place before we had to get out of this house. Definitely hard to rent so last minute, especially having a dog, and such a tight time frame. After an exhausting search looking for a rental that was right for us..we actually found something we liked! Decent location, living space, storage, and dog-friendly....hallelujah! I was getting desperate for just a place to live that I was willing to settle for living in a little box :/ as long as I had a roof over my head.

Anyways, just reflecting on the last nine months...or actually this year in general..and all that has lead up to where I am today. I just feel incredibly grateful that somehow in the end, God always has the most perfect timing..& things always fall into place accordingly. I could have never planned this for/ or guessed this life for myself...but I'm happy! Finally feeling ready for our next chapter as parents... after all the craziness and challenges and we goo! Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Baby is Cummings!: At 19 Weeks

Omg. The heat. I can barely handle! The old Hawaii homes don't have any protection against the sun, so my house pretty much reaches "sauna" status at the peak hours of the day--especially with no winds and high humidity! We just got a new air conditioner which I have to make Mike set up asap. Being hot and pregnant ain't the business!

But hey! I'm almost halfway done--20 weeks next week! It just went so fast! I feel like I spent a lot of it maybe in denial honestly, lol! Having to process that I just got married & within a few weeks, I was already learning that I was going to be a Mom too! At my first ultrasound, when the tech squeezed the warm gel on my belly..I almost thought maybe there really wasn't a baby in there, haha! But she's there!! & I'm just happy that she's healthy! It will be big adjustments for Mike and I, but I also know she will bring us probably one of the greatest joys in bring it on! ;)

I finally had to buy some maternity clothes..mostly those ugly pants/shorts connected to a stretchy band, lol. My stomach is getting bigger every week and I feel little "popcorn" taps in my belly from time to time. Lately, I've had Filipino food cravings. We made Chicken Tinola the other night..and tonight we had Adobo...mmm! But besides that, I can't get enough of fresh fruits...& sandwiches (which I try not to eat a lot of cuz the deli meats). I feel mostly normal now which is great...finally have energy to start exercising again. My doctor told me to watch my weight I got kind of paranoid. I try to walk on my days off and do this prenatal barre workout which actually burns, lol! & that's pretty much my life in a nutshell! We're planning to go back to Sd in Mid-September...I think maybe we would have a baby shower then...just don't know how that would work exactly with gifts and everything. Maybe we'll just have to move there then, HAH!

Ok, well time to sleep for another day at work tomorrow :/ just thought I'd update you guys! Until next time! 

This was @17 weeks...conscious about my "fat not pregnant" looking body, haha

Mike is giving up his beloved Tacoma..& got himself a daddy car-- a used 2007 4Runner...I like it! He also passed his P.E. Exam, proud of him!

This was yesterday at 19 weeks. All HOT in my house!!

Stay cool everybody!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


So I'm 30 now!  So far I have been sick twice and since I have been back to Hawaii, have had doctors appointments, labs drawn, and an MRI of my head. Geez!!  Anyways, I think I stopped having my period around Dianne's wedding (2yrs ago) and only now finding out WHY!  I have a microadenoma on my pituitary gland that makes my body produce high prolactin levels.  So, my body basically thinks its breastfeeding....for two plus years. Dammit!  Good thing is I finally know what is wrong, hallelujah! I was prescribed medicine and took my first dose yesterday.  It made me feel nauseated and my stomach ached...but it's only twice a week so we'll see how it goes.

On top of that, the census in the ICU has been extremely looww. Half of my shifts were cancelled this pay I am semi freaked out. Haha.  I have a lot of wedding expenses coming up in the next 2 months and really can't afford not to work.  So I've been fixing up my resume and will probably try NEED to pick up a part time job somewhere....anywhere??  Haha.  I literally make every effort to not spend money lately.  My days consist of working out, eating at home, taking my dog to the park, and watching redbox or any movies I can find on TBS.  Lol. I'll survive. I always say this, but can't wait to be done saving my money for a wedding, hahah! We've been getting back a lot of RSVPs....and so far only ONE "regretfully declines"...we'll see how it looks when we get closer to the date.

I am also a regular day shift nurse now...after 5+ years of being a vampire! I was telling my sisters my body surprisingly adapted very quickly. I wake up early now and sleep at night like a normal person...I have more energy and rely a lot less on coffee (although sometimes I want it just to taste it, haha)...& generally just feel better.  Glad my circumstances (& Mike) pushed me to finally make the change.  

Anyways, that's all that is new with me...until next timeee!